Guerilla P.R. – Wired

The world is overflowing of opportunities, someone just take one to widespread a concept, a new publicly piratical way , very useful .

“Waging a Successful Publicity Campaign Online, Offline, and Everywhere In Between”

Few months ago, I was talking with a friend (Adriano Marques) about publicity an open-source software and organization in general. He told about a concept, called Guerilla (from Michael Levine). So what’s the deal? It’s quite simple: we just wanted to make an advertisement of software developed by volunteers, for target people just use it and take their benefits. The question is: how to do that without spending money?

There was some cools books about it. The intention of this post was made a quick perspective about Guerilla P.R. and the book: “Guerilla P.R. – Wired”.

In this book Levine gives initially the lessons of Guerilla P.R. for general propose. The focus of the book is make guerilla on the Internet. It was described how to make Guerilla in websites, email, ads, newspapers, etc. Public relations development process was explained showing tactics, strategies expressing what each individual campaign should or not have.

Additionally it exists in audiobook, and if you’re interested on subject, take a look on audiobook, it’s cool start point.


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