Threadpool.js – Light Threadpool in Javascript

Hi folks,

Few weeks ago, I was with my friend Eriksson digressing about the threads in javascript and how hard was to control them. We have a nice background with several projects in Distributed Systems, mainly developed in Java. We’re aware of how good is to control the threads and launch them easily thought the ThreadPool.  The idea of a thread pool is to have n active threads and the threadpool will be responsible to only keep that n number running.

Whilst in Java it is quite easier, to have a nice threadpool, in javascript was not easy. And nowadays there are many client side applications that needs to have this kind of control. We decided to create a light pool threadpool for javascript. And then, threadpool.js was born. This is a light threadpool library to javascript. In this threadpool you can set a priority for each task and change dynamically. Furthermore, you can also define the thread pool size. Also, we do not use works from java, and we keep it in a easier way, as emulated.

Please checkout:

Also this example:

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