Another way of playing through a nutshell

Hi folks!

I did not write here for a while and recently my life changed more that one bit. Due to that reason, I decided to break the ice and organize few notes. Then, I ended up writing down what I have been done in the last months and giving a quick and shortly overview of how I see the future.

In the last few years I have been expanded my spectrum of engineering, from applications in network monitoring and security to healthcare domain. In this area, several software architectures has been designed and implemented, more concrete, in data integration for medical imaging laboratories, integration of EHR, and aggregation levels of information. Through the laboratory I grew  up in many dimensions and indeed learn lot with a high quality team. I’ve been research and developed many strategies to scale and federate biomedical databases, while facing with standardization processes and dealing with high heterogenous data.

Recently, I started working in a company, which name BMD Software while still working in open source projects, which are a bit of my life: Dicoogle and Montra (Catalogue).

I’m still working with DICOM standard, while trying to improve the biomedical research area and looking for new challenges and new business opportunities that can end up in a real break through.

See you around and a in near future!

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