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Another way of playing through a nutshell

Hi folks! I did not write here for a while and recently my life changed more that one bit. Due to that reason, I decided to break the ice and organize few notes. Then, I ended up writing down what I have been done in the … Continue reading

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Github Atom with Python

Hi folks. This is a micro post. I’m starting using Atom with Python. And the first annoying thing I noticed was why I do not have tabs with 4 spaces in Python and why I do not see the spaces (they … Continue reading

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“As apps da moda”

Hi everyone! Well, I’m at Summer time and I did not post in this blog for a while. Today, I’m going to promote a new Facebook page. Its name is “As apps da moda”. It is a Portuguese name that … Continue reading

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Threadpool.js – Light Threadpool in Javascript

Hi folks, Few weeks ago, I was with my friend Eriksson digressing about the threads in javascript and how hard was to control them. We have a nice background with several projects in Distributed Systems, mainly developed in Java. We’re … Continue reading

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Buttons at Phonegap. Why the click is slow?

Hi folks, I’m playing with Phonegap framework and I figure out an issue with the button. The click event does not works properly in mobile devices, they are quite slower, at least, in iOS and Android. Here is an example … Continue reading

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A common API for delivering services over multi-vendor cloud resources

Hi folks, Recently, we publish a paper entitled as “A common API for delivering services over multi-vendor cloud resources”. Cloud computing is a very hot topic at the moment. However, there are many cloud providers with different APIs and services. … Continue reading

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DICOM Cloud Router

Hi folks! In the last few months, we’ve been working on DICOM Router based on Cloud resources. We’ve been publishing several papers and deployed the solution. This software is used to Scientific article entitle as “DICOM relay over the cloud”: … Continue reading

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